Almost Alive

Almost Alive

"I never thought life could get more complicated after death. I guess I was terribly mistaken."

Michelle Dorin seems to be your average seventeen-year-old rich girl with dysfunctional parents, except for the fact she's been dead before. Months after her revival, she discovers that a demon is living inside of her and plans on devouring her soul until her body is free reign for its evil purposes. Her only confidant is Julian, an edgy classmate that has the same condition, but seems to have power over his demon and hers. He offers to teach Michelle how to handle living with the demon if she agrees to train and eventually help hunt them. But it's not easy to steer clear of temptation when you're not sure if the voice inside your head is your own or something else.

Can the unlikely duo save our world from demons that disguise themselves as ordinary humans, or will their strange and growing attraction toward each other drag them both to hell?

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